FNM leader Pintard assists GB residents after Nicole

MPs Michael Pintard, Kwasi Thompson, and Iram Lewis visit GB shelters after Tropical Storm Nicole.
MPs Michael Pintard, Kwasi Thompson, and Iram Lewis visit GB shelters after Tropical Storm Nicole.

Free National Movement (FNM) and Opposition Leader Michael Pintard and FNM MPs are assisting Grand Bahama residents in the wake of Tropical Storm Nicole.

The late-season storm brought high winds and flooding to several Central and Northern Bahamas islands.

FNM leader Pintard, along with MPs Kwasi Thompson and Iram Lewis toured shelters and other parts of GB to assist Grand Bahamians affected by Nicole.

Pintard, while surveying East Grand Bahama, said, “A lot of what we’re seeing is a result of what occurred during Hurricane Dorian.

“I’m looking forward to working with the member of parliament. Hopefully, the government of the day is going to pay attention to this area. But what you see in terms of the revival of this area is purely the grit of those residents that made a sacrifice to get back.

“It is a difficult experience. We’re living every day with a reminder of Dorian,” said Pintard.

SERZ expiration

Meanwhile, East Grand Bahama MP Kwasi Thompson is speaking out on SERZ. Thompson has called on the government to extend the special economic recovery zone (SERZ) order, which is due to expire in December.

“Grand Bahama and Abaco are now experiencing the tragic effects of Tropical Storm Nicole. We have already seen widespread flooding and property damage throughout Abaco and Grand Bahama. My constituents and all residents and businesses most certainly have experienced a setback in the recovery efforts from Hurricane Dorian. The special economic recovery zone was specifically set up for recovery after natural disasters.

“We are in the middle of another natural disaster. The government must now act to bring relief for those affected, and one very simple yet very effective way would be to extend the SERZ order to ensure any setback that Nicole may have brought can be dealt with. The necessary tools are all in place through the FNM administration’s creation of the special economic recovery act. We ask the government to move urgently to bring immediate relief, and this can start with extending the SERZ order,” said Thompson.

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