Quiz: If You Had To Pick A Favourite, Which Bahamian ‘Tings’ Would You Keep?

So, this is really simple. If you can only have one (and the rest gotta go), what’s your top choice? Just pick your all-time favourite Bahamian ‘tings’ and let’s see if others agree. Ready? Set? Go! 🚀🚀🚀

When it comes to Junkanoo, who ya got?

When it comes to Bahamian food…

When choosing libations…which is the best?

Maybe you don’t drink alcohol. Which soda is your top choice?

If you had to live on one island (FOREVER), where would we find you?

We know (as a good Christian) you don’t play numbers. But if you did one time…

What car would you buy (with all dem winnings)?😈

And finally, since it’s election season, who is your ‘forever in my ❤️’ Prime Minister?