Tuesday in da muck…

A former news reporter with strong PLP ties continues to raise eyebrows and make waves in his new overseas office.
Despite his new position of power being viewed by many staffers in the foreign office as a political favour -and the ex-reporter being grossly underqualified for his new post- the ex-reporter continues to entertain his life partner high off the hog in the foreign city. His partner is famed for making dreams come true, with little work getting done nor long-term investments to benefit the Bahamas in the pipeline.

A senior PLP MP famed for globetrotting is back at it again. Recently spotted in Asia and South America, the senior PLP MP is killing two birds with one stone. He’s keeping his name relevant in international diplomatic circles while ducking the SBF and FTX fallout that continues to damage the Bahamas brand.

Infighting continues to erupt amongst PLP social media and street team members, with morale sinking lower and lower. Longtime loyal PLP supporters active in promoting their party on various social media platforms are airing out the PLP’s dirty laundry. Their anger is geared toward a third-generation PLP who prefers his American citizenship over his Bahamian roots, and the underhanded methods he used to secure his government job and lucrative contracts, including secret recordings and blackmail.

A senior FNM MP is desperate to remain relevant and secure his former position of power. So much so that the senior FNM is funding an alleged coup within his party. And he’s also using PLP social media sites to promote his narrative. The senior FNM MP’s traction among FNM’s has dwindled to minuscule levels on social media platforms, within the party, and now within his constituency. If the recent poorly attended Christmas party and gift giveaway were any indication.

A former disgraced PLP politician who now enjoys a position of power behind the scenes and is famous for being in as many deals as he can get his hands on is asking for alimony in his divorce. The ‘slickster’ is at it again, building a brand new mansion in eastern Nassau. Hopefully, the bank won’t repossess the new home like his former home in a gated community.

An infamous PLP MP referred to by many as a sellout for rewarding his FNM family contracts over loyal PLPs, is still busy chasing Latina ladies of the night at the various watering holes they frequent, according to his disgruntled campaign generals.
Well, it seems the young PLP MP has two Latina ladies of the night feuding over the Romeo MP, one claiming promises of stamped immigration paperwork and the other with promises of cash